Блог туриста велосипедиста - Blog de ciclista viajero

My name is Vlad Simonov, I am tourist and I like to travel. I was traveling in the Mountains Caucasus, Polar and South Urals, Lake Baikal. Also I like visit the caves and especially I like to travel by bicycle, and I made the bicycle trip in 2000 kilometers in the South Urals.

I work in industrial mountaineering and tree climbing.

In my free time, I enjoy programming. I develop a CAD program Samocad, which I use for create simple engineering drawings. Also, I design and create 3d models and I like something to tinkering with his own hands.

My email: simonovsen@yandex.ru

My facebook: Vlad Simonov

My vk: Vlad Simonov